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Specialising in automating business processes. Reports, CRMs, SaaS, E-Commerce, Admin Portals, you name it.

An exceptional collaborator in handling progressive changes, fixes and updates to our client's portal.

Richard Devenport

Director, Studio Key

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Why choose CyberJag for Application Development

Nothing is impossible

  • 10+ years Full-Stack development experience

    From developing the simplest of websites to debugging and streamlining dated and complex business systems at scale.

  • Background in automation

    Starting out at Amazon, automation was formed into the CyberJag way of thinking through every step of the journey.

  • Back-End Development

    With varied experience in JavaScript & PHP across most of the modern frameworks, tools & technologies. Laravel, Symfony, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js & Vanilla JS & PHP.

  • Front-End Development

    Years of experience bringing the most unusual designs to life with colour and animation, creating pixel-perfect experiences accessible to everyone on every device.

  • Security

    SC cleared, security-focused, Cyber Essentials certified.

  • Leadership

    Supporting development teams for years, providing solid documentation, creating training plans for Junior Developers and driving critical business decisions within technical teams.

  • DevOps

    Working with Windows, Mac, and multiple Linux Distributions. Deploying to servers using AWS, Envoyer, Netlify, Heroku, SSH & more traditional methods when needed. Collaborating with teams using tools from GitHub, Atlassian, GitLab, Trello & many more.


  • What if you can't help me?

    We've never turned a job down yet & never lost a client. If on the rare occasion we can't help you fix your problem, we host a strong network of trusted UK-based professionals to who we can refer you to.

  • What is Application Development

    The development of applications that support business processes. Staff portals, job portals, reporting portals, Order Processing Systems, and Customer Relationship Management systems. Generally for bespoke systems or to support with code that is developed for a specific purpose.