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Design & Development

1. The Challenge

The Royal Signals Charity knew it was time to re-design their website and innovate engagement from a digital perspective.

The primary challenge was developing a new website design from scratch that clearly represents the four main areas of the Royal Signals under one roof. They required all of the data and emails from the old site to be transferred to the new site. As well as a server that was quicker and can cope with demand and roles & permissions for specific areas of the site.

2. The Solution

A fresh, clean, fast website design that clearly represents the four key areas of the Royal Corps of Signals, each manageable by different admins as well as the ability for RSA branch members to log in and manage their own unique branch page. Existing data has been migrated and improved upon for a cleaner display and easier administration.

A site that can handle heavy traffic, lots of data, heavy admin usage, roles, permissions and the data from the old website migrating over.

CyberJag still supports the Royal Signals in innovating the way they work as a Corps to this day. Continuously pushing to be the most digital Corps of the British Army.

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