If you want to be the best, dare to be different.

What We Do

We help deliver incredible online experiences.

Leading the way with the most innovative, forward thinking ideas and technologies. We specialise in working digitally, automating processes & keeping things simple.

Adam has been an exceptional collaborator in handling progressive changes, fixes and updates to a clients' portal. Honest, candid and all around extremely helpful in figuring out the best route to take with the projects we work on together, most of which is beyond my skillset!

Richard Devenport

Studio Key

The Ethos

Critical thinkers, tech savvy, forwarding thinking.

The Target

Leveling up established businesses, automating processes & bringing technology to the front of their offering.

The Vision

Being the go-to digital partner for growing & veteran-led businesses.

How can you help me?

We support businesses of any size and help put you on a plan to grow & scale digitally. If you need technical expertise but don't know where to start, please contact us.

I created CyberJag to help you become cutting edge, saving you time & money in the long run with the latest technologies. I am "Fierce about Quality" and I build to last.

Boasting experience in Web Design & Web Development to DevOps & Cloud Engineering

I've worked in startups, small businesses & corporate sectors. I've witnessed the botch job wordpress sites that come back to haunt businesses as they scale. I've fixed up the extreme over-engineering of applications that prevented them from ever going live. I stick to a high quality, no nonsense approach to tech.

I'm also a serving Army Reservist and I support a variety of Veteran-Led businesses.

CyberJag CEO

Adam Duffield, MBCS

Why Choose CyberJag

Your Digital Partner

Fierce About Quality, build to last.

Quality over Quantity

Focusing on the finer details, polishing every aspect of the Journey.

Veteran Friendly, Veteran Led

We're disciplined & structured in our approach, leading from the front.

10+ years industry experience

A wide variety of experience across multiple languages, frameworks & technology.

Fully UK Based Company

Our people, our data, our mission. All UK based.